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Nail Enhancements

  • Q. What is the recommended time span to return for infills or re-balance?
    • A. For nail bitters 1 to 2 weeks. Regular 2 to 3 week maintenance, will establish proper balance and beauty of the enhancement
  • Q. What is the difference between Acrylic and Gel Nails?
    • A. Acrylic Nails: May Lift, Smell - Odour, Buff to Shine, Soak off in Acetone to remove, Porous. If you play sports or tend to pick at your nails, you may have greater success with acrylic. The tighter bond of acrylic may stand up better than Gel. Depending on your lifestyle and day to day activities, sculptured acrylic may be the best new nail application choice.
    • Gel Nails: Bonds better to natural Nail, No Odour, Shiny, Buff / file off to remove, Non Porous, flexible. You may find that Hard gel may bond better than acrylic due to their flexibility and non-porous characteristics.
    • If you already have nice natural nails and does not require any more length, then Mani Q Gel is the perfect option. It is a soft gel system that is extremely gently on the natural nail. Mani Q Gel will give a nice thin coating over the natural nail with out the feeling of wearing an "artificial enhancement". Mani Q Gel will encourage the growth of the natural nail and with proper application will not peel, lift or chip for up to four long weeks!
  • Q. What Causes Nail Enhancements to lift?
    • A. There are many reasons why Nail Enhancements can lift.

1. Picking at nails

2. Excessive Length

3. Irregular infills

4. Harsh Cleaning Products

5. Medication

6. Surgery ( Recent)

7. Hormonal ( Pregnancy)

8. Nail Bitter

9. If nail growth is fast, extremely long nails are prone to breakage, lifting and wear problems.

  • Q. What aftercare advice should I follow to help my nail enhancements last longer.

A. 1. Wear Gloves when doing household chores or gardening

2. When polish starts to take on a flat look re-coat nails with top coat

3. Do not use your nails as a tool

4. Look after cuticles by using cuticle oil, keeps cuticle supple and moisturised

5. Keep nail file handy, to minimise the damage by filing down broken nails

6. Try not to pick or bite your nails

7. Regular maintenance is recommended to maintain and keep that great new look.

  • Q. What is the difference between Sculptured Nails & Acrylic or Gel Overlays?
    • A. Sculptured Nails - A nail sculpting form is used as a template instead of a plastic tip to form up the enhancement. They are placed up to and parallel to the sidewalls, placed under the free edge and secured. Acrylic or Gel is applied to form an extension free edge.
    • Acrylic or Gel Overlays - Acrylic or Gel is used to overlay the natural nail, while not adding length. This is used for an extra coating to give durability to the nail that is prone to chipping and breaking.

Spray Tanning

  •  Q. Can I get Wet?
    • A. Water can affect the spray tan during the developing stage. Keep Dry.
  • Q. What do I wear for a spray tan?
    • A. Most people wear a g-string to get the best possible tan, however this is a personal choice so wear whatever you feel most comfortabe.
  • Q. What do I wear after I get spray tanned?
    • A. We recommend you wear light loose clothing until your shower.
  • Q. What do I need to be careful about?
    • A. Activities that will make you perspire more than normal, persiration prior to showering will affect your tan. Water will affect your skin prior to the development of your tan.
  • Q. Can I get a spray tan while pregnant?
    • A. There are not test showing that spray tanning is harmful during pregnancy. Check with your doctor.
  • Q. Will my tan wash off?
    • A. When you first shower after your spray tan it will seem that your tan is washing off, this is just the bronzer agent that aids the spray tanner in applying the tan.
  • Q. I can't see any colour change after showering 2 hours after applying 2 hour tan?
    • A. 2 hour tan can be washed off after 2 hours, but you still need to wait 6-8 hours for the colour to develop.